These photos I took on my summer vacation in Solta island,Croatia, near Split. I had already my LC-A from Lomography and I decided to try out their underwater housing, the so called “Krab“. It is rather simple to use, easily portable and always floating so you can’t just drop it. The only disadvantage is that the distance must be set before closing the housing. That’s why I expected to get pretty unfocused images, since it’s pretty difficult to keep fixed distance with the object you want to shoot. I got some nice results, though!

What do you say?

Camera LOMO LC-A | Film Lomography X-PRo

The cross processing of the slide film gives greenish nuance to the image, that’s why the bodies seem a bit pale. Whenever I look at these photos I get impression the water was cold.





I hope you noticed the so typical for the LC-A the “vignette effect”, which is the reduction of brightness and saturation around the periphery of every photo. That is another reason for loving the LC-A.

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