Der Kraft und Schönheit unserer Jugend

“To the power and beauty of our youth” is what it’s written on the stone supporting this naked bronze statue. I loved it so much and I spent nearly 15 minutes taking photo of this perfect athletic male body. I’m sure passengers were wondering what I find so interesting about this statue that I was pointing my objective to it for so long time (especially when I was staring on his bottom)

The statue was erected after the WWI and it seems its background is as  follows: After the end of the war the plan was to boycott German and Austrian sportsmen. Of joy that didn’t  succeed,  the sport federations erected this bronze statue of a beautiful youth inspired by the antiques..

..This  made me think. Are WE, the present youth so beautiful and strong indeed? Should  previous generations be proud of us, today’s youth? Can we compare ourselves  to the post-WWI youth?

If  tomorrow a statue dedicated to the  youth is being erected, how would it look like? As a perfect athlete? …I doubt…




Camera Zenit 11 | Film Lomography ISO 400 | Athlete | Vienna

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