Double exposed

These photos are result from a double exposed film I used once in August 2012 and second time in January 2013…ACCIDENTALLY.

On 15 of August I went with a bunch of friends to the opening day of the infamous Frequency festival near Vienna (Black Keys and The Killers played that evening). Since we weren’t the most sober people out there I couldn’t remember how many films I have actually used, especially since I have mixed them with other films. So they kept popping up one by one, months after the festival, reminding me of that great time.

Apparently there was a piece of the film left outside the canister after rewinding the used film so I have taking it for empty one. The second time I used it was in January when we had our friends with their kids for dinner at our place. I loaded the “empty” film in my Fisheye and I started shooting around..


Exposure n.1 My friend Miroslava; Exposure n.2 The window of our kitchen


Exposure n.1 The reflection of the stage on My friend Miroslava’s retro sunglasses; Exposure n.2 The Koch family in our kitchen


Exposure n.1 My friend Miroslava explaining the features of the Lomo Fisheye camera; Exposure n.2 Somebody cooking in the kitchenIMG_0031

Exposure n.1 My friends Sarah and Anita laughing at a (apparently good) joke ; Exposure n.2 Me and the little Max not laughing at that joke5 months later :)


1. Camera LC-A | Film Fuji ISO 200 | Frequency Festival | St. Pölten, Vienna

2. Camera Lomography Fisheye n.2 | Film Fuji ISO 200 | Home| Vienna


Mishi, Sarah, Chris, Anita – thanks for the great time!

Kochs – thanks for existing!

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