Back to black

For last Christmas my best friend gave me as a present this AGFA infrared film and since it seemed so special and sophisticated I haven’t dared to shoot it for quite a long time. This April I finally fought my fear and I used the opportunity to shoot it for the Easter holidays in Croatia!

The contrast is really nice but somehow I haven’t reached the wow-infrared effect. Actually some photos even look simply like B&W. I’m wondering whether it’s because of a false development (I’m sure the film was treated as a B&W film) or whether I’ve put the wrong settings (which I doubt because I had an external light meter).


I tried to find the answer in internet but there wasn’t much info about infrared films. If somebody can give me a piece of advice for the next film, I’d be more than thankful.


IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022Camera Zenit 11 | Film AGFA Infrared ISO 400 | Solta island |Croatia



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