Madam Miroslava at Brunch Time

Madam Miroslava is a very special person to me.

She is a very bright person.

She has a rich repertoire of great jokes and deep meaningful stories, which she tells with the tiniest detail.

She can give you a history lesson, while having her 5th drink.

If she recommends a movie to you, be sure it’s a damn good one.

She cooks well – Arabic, Italian, Balkan… and she brings you food when you’re sick.

She likes drinking beer very much and she is a great Beer buddy.

Usually she doesn’t drink tea, but when she does, she does it with style.

This is Madam Miroslava at brunch time.



Camera Zenit 11 | Film Lomography ISO 100 | Vienna |Cafe Rüdiger Hof |Madam Miroslava

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