The Wonderful World of Mike’s Workshop

Mike’s workshop is a magical place.

Mike himself seems to be one of these people, who you would love to meet because everything he leaves behind himself seems full of wonder. He is devoted to the puppet show and often he travels around making puppet shows as the good old times. I imagine him being as one of these weird magicians with dark costume and driving around with his tiny caravan, from which puppets are hanging.

Since he is around Austria performing we are using his workshop. Once you’re beyond the doorstep you forget you’re in the center of Vienna and dive immediately into the world of (sometimes pretty scary) puppets, costumes, antiques and other randomly gathered categorized objects. The air is heavy, the floor squeaks…

Two months ago our friend Sarah introduced us to Mike’s world. She started organising life drawing classes and once every two weeks we have the honor to meet Mike’s puppets.

Everybody with interest in life drawing is welcome to take part of Sarah’s live drawing class and of course to be part of Mike’s world!




In Mike’s workshop everybody is artist…a magician.




IMG_0051Thank you Sarah!

Camera Zenit 11 | Film Lomography ISO 100 | Vienna |Mike’s Workshop |Sarah, Miroslava, Bernhard, Sam

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