upside down

This summer I wanted to take my time trying making double and multiple exposures. So the cameras I took this time on my summer vacation were LC-A with the underwater housing, Sprocket Rocket, Lomography Spinner 360 and my Zenit 11. Somehow I didn’t feel like taking the Zenit on the boat or to the sea simply not only because it’s heavy but also because you never know whether your camera will finish in the sea at some point because you haven’t payed attention for 2 seconds. This camera is too dear to me to risk that, so practically I have used mainly plastic cameras to the sea. I guess I got a plastic-camera-overdose then, so I really need to go back to the good old Russian friends I have on the shelf…but I’ll go back to this another time. 

So here I’m presenting the first two of my series of multiple exposures from my vacation.

  IMG_0007IMG_0008Camera Sprocket Rocket | Film DM Paradise ISO 200| Solta island| Croatia

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