Sunday Delirium

I’d like to dedicate this post to my dear friend Evelyn, with whom I shared my student years and who now lives 500km away from me. I miss you, Evelyn.

These photos are some of my first analogue trials dating from October 2011, when I was still in Bolzano, South Tyrol. It was one of those autumn sunny Sundays when you feel like going to the mountain and enjoying the last warm sun rays (with a glass of Aperol Spritzer or as they call it in South Tyrol Veneziano).

* * *

This is the tiniest (and the cutest) graveyard I have seen. It’s so colorful that it’s easy to forget the fact somebody is buried there.


The South Tyrolean Alps enlightened by the sunset are reflecting in the glasses.


Evelyn will hate me for posting this photo:)

AA024* * *

At the peak of the Sunday delirium:

“So…how many exams are you doing this session?”AA026_2Camera Zenit 11 | Film no idea | San Genesio, Bolzano|South Tyrol|Evelyn, Toma

Sincerely looking at these photos made me really emotional…there was so much charm in these times…

2 thoughts on “Sunday Delirium

  1. Hi. I just had a message which looks like a scam and suggests your email address has been compromised. I can’t tell you through your email of course so I’m doing it as a comment on your latest post. The message says you are in Manilla and have been mugged so need money. I’ve had this kind of message before when a friend’s email has been hacked. I’ve reported the message to google. So you will need to change your email address.

    1. hey hey, thank you very much! Luckily they couldn’t change the password so I managed to save my account. The feeling somebody has entered your account is awful. Now it should be fine. Thank you once again!

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