Autumn nostalgia

After a month of a blogging absence and a turbulent events in my private life in November I’m back with a selection of sunny autumn photos shot in South Tyrol in 2011.

That was the time I was still exploring the capabilities of my Zenit 11 with great enthusiasm. Apart from my emotional attachment to the time and place where these photos are taken I can’t prevent myself of not emphasising once again on the quality of the Helios lens and of this Soviet camera in general.

I adore the sharpness and intensiveness of the images and the same time the watery mixture of colours, which merge in order to create an amazing painting of the autumn wine yards surrounded by the Dolomites. I guess I was into playing with shooting against the light at that moment, which has created a romantic touch to the beauty of the  nature.

One and a half years living in such a big city as Vienna make me appreciate the memories of the life spent in that breath-taking piece of paradise called South Tyrol. [sigh]

001496140024Credits to Toma


001496140031 001496140030 001496140029 001496140023 001496140022Camera Zenit 11 | Film no idea | Caldaro lake |South Tyrol|

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