The Frenchsheep

They call him Jonathan.

…that’s not his name…

The Frenchsheep has unique style.

He loves his life.

He likes to be noticed.

He adores challenges.

His passion is nature.

He earns his living as a freelance soft porn model.

He has a tiny time machine in his inner pocket.

He likes traveling to Woodstock and backwards in his spare time.


He had more beers than you had more hot meals…times 3.

He finds truth on the rolling paper.

He rarely uses a comb.


He doesn’t speak tribal languages.

He doesn’t like different opinions.



He convinces his audience.


He knows his colonies (and no, Macao is not one of them…).

He likes to make his point clear.

He has only great ideas.

His favorite brand is “Clever”.


He defines the rules of the game.

His toughest opponent is Gin Tonic.


He has the winning hand..

..and he knows how to play it.0_IIMG_0008This Frenchsheep is forever…

Camera Zenit 11 | Film Lomography ISO 800 | Kundl, Tirol, Austria| Jonathan, Sorana

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