My engraved friend


After repeated and painful trials to succeed in making double exposure photos, I was finally happy from my results. I’d like to thank my friend Bernhard for the tips and patience that day, it was really special going to this old graveyard hunting for doubles. Bernhard has amazing multiple exposure photos himself, which hopefully will appear one day on my blog, if he is kind enough:))

This wonderful sunny day at St. Marx Graveyard  in Vienna “engraved” the milestone in my analogue learn curve! From this day on I got addicted to my Liubitel 2!!! Although I have already shot with it, I started loving it for its doubles abilities! This old Russian camera is a gem indeed!

There are wonderful tutorial about multiple exposure out there! I advise you to take your time and check them out! All over the internet there articles dedicated to multiple exposure, even video tutorials. This article from gives you info about how to create this effect with every camera they offer.

Share with me you experience, folks! Right on!

Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography ISO 50-200 | St. Marx Graveyard, Vienna | Bernhard

4 thoughts on “My engraved friend

    1. Thank you Katie!
      Actually a friend of mine scanned the photos (usually I do it myself) and afterwards he told me that he should have added blue in order to obtain the typical red scale effect, since the film was red scale, but he forgot! That’s why the colors turned up this way:))
      Thanks for dropping me a line!

      1. I’ve always been really into how scanning alters a film image but then again, film is film, you just fall in love no matter what the colors turn out to be like. :)

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