Before the wedding


The list of all my acquaintances, old classmates, neighbors etc, who got or is about t get married is getting longer every month. When I was 21 the stories about weddings started to spread. In this cases you think “Why do people hurry to get married?”. While the average age of brides and grooms approaches 30 in the West, I have the impression that this tendency has exactly the opposite manner in the case of my country – as if the average age of marriend people is diminishing!


Often it seems people search for settlement after finishing university, sometimes it looks like a logical outcome after a 9-year relationship (which has started back in the high school), rarely people are simply bored from live but often (thank God) this important decision seems to be simply good and right.


This was the case of one of my best friend’s wedding, Eli, who got married on 5th of May this year to a wonderful man, whom we initially liked very much, but after their wedding we all fell in love with him. One of the moments, which impressed me the most  (beside the advanced folklore dances from his home Dobruja region) was when his brother greeted him with a song of Pantera. This song seemed to be pretty special to them and they were passionately waving their heads in the middle of the dance floor shouting  precisely every word of the lyrics.



Madam Miroslava holding our present to the freshly married couple, glimpsing through the branches of some special sort of Balchik’s botanical garden arsenal.


Didi: fixing his hair while waiting for the beginning of the ceremony, unwillingly taking part of a messy multiple exposure.IMG

The famous Balchik Palace built by a Romanian princess Marie of Edinburgh in the 30’s, in the period after the WWI when this region was part of Romania. This unusual castle is an exotic mixture of Balkan and Oriental motifs and in my opinion maybe top 5 of best places in Bulgaria for romantic weddings. It was a great experience, thank you Eli and Vladi!


Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography X-Pro 120mm | Balchik, Bulgaria | Mishi, Didi

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