July Morning

1st of July is a very special date for us Bulgarians. And I really love talking about it.

It’s one of the coolest tradition originating from the past several decades or more specifically from the hippie times under socialism. Once it was seen as a subtle protest against the country’s communist regime. Now, it’s a simpler celebration of the summer holidays and good times with friends. I feel an unexplainable feeling of nostalgia (thinking about these times even though my birth wasn’t even in a stage of planning), when young people had to hide when listening to Western music or when the contraband of vinyls with Western music was considered a heavy crime.

Imagine somebody with a trench coat walks in the park. He is getting carefully close to you whispering “Wanna buy some Rolling Stones, Beatles or Deep Purple?” revealing his trench coat, from which inner side some stuffed vinyls of those bands’ singles could be noticed. It is not excluded it has happened, maybe never did but it was funny to imagine this as teenagers.

There is this story about my home town during those time, which puts me in another perspective when it comes to music. My city is surrounded by a plateau, where there was a huge antenna which purpose was to block the radio waves  coming from the enemy Western countries. So young people would go up the hill and gather around this antenna with their little radios in hand with the hope to catch last unblocked waves of foreign radios. And they would be happy to be able to hear an unclear sound of “Hard day’s night”…amazing..

The symbol of this tradition is the immoral song of Uriah Heep “July morning” and the date 1st of July was naturally chosen to incorporate this holiday. There are numerous concerts at the sea side, among which the most special is this of Uriah Heep themselves.


In the past years I have celebrated it abroad – Torino, Cagliari and the last two years in Vienna with friends from different countries and every time I enjoy sharing the story of this unusual and unique tradition of ours. Some of them understand it, some of them don’t care that much but all of them like the concept of greeting the sunrise in a hot summer day. Last two times we took the chance to swim in the Danube river. It was great!

My friend Mihai (on the photos) said to himself loudly “Wow…and this happens every morning?”. It made me realise what we miss every day…


IMG_0006IMG_001100        IMG_0004


IMG_0001ff IMG_001112 IMG_00110Camera Zenit 11 | Lens Soligor 35-70mm | Film DM Paradise ISO 200 | Song Uriah Heep – July Morning |Vienna, Austria| Toma, Miroslava, Mihai

p.s. I used the occasion of trying my new Soligor 35-70mm lens I bought from the Leica flea Market in Vienna. I was so happy to find both macro and zoom lens for my Zenit that I didn’t even check whether it was in a good condition at the time of purchase (I bought it for 5 euros so I didn’t care that much). When I came home I noticed there is dust inside. I guess that is why these shots are not as sharp as expected.

p.s.s. Thank you for the great July Morning guys!


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