What a shame

The analogue photography blogger grumpykepix from UK was so kind to send me one of his FED cameras without any complications or promises. On his expenses..

After I received the package (August 2013) we exchanged several emails, in which he was so kind to explain me about the features and characteristics of the camera. I remember he told me one of the setting didn’t work properly.

…What a shame my email address got hijacked…



..but life goes on, so did my analogue adventures. When I got used to its presence among its brothers and sisters on my shelf I decided to load that pretty boy with another film.

What a shame I ruined it…



The frustration of the first attempt lasted for some time. After the emotions calmed down I decided to try again.

What a shame it took me a year to finish that film…


Then I figured I should treat my new FED better. I loaded him with one of my favorite films – Lomography X-Pro…


Then I took him for a walk in the newest and coolest campus of any Business school in Europe on that hot early-summer day.. IMGi

Then we went to a picknick at the Danube river…I even showed him to my friends..IMG_00144

We were all curious, we all had hopes..IMG_00155…What a shame I the photos have turned into psychedelic-colored half-enlightened photo-alike images.

I guess  I found out about that non properly working setting grumpykepix meant in his email – it was the f/16 aperture setting…

Camera FED 3 | Film Lomography X-PRO ISO 200 | WU Campus | Danube river

P.s. Happy birthday Tisho

2 thoughts on “What a shame

  1. He is definitely a great guy:) Hah, there is always fun but then I get such results and I am going crazy. With analogue it’s better not to have any expectations and to be happy when sth nice comes up :D

    Thanks for dropping a line:)

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