Blue is the warmest colour


IMG_00094  IMG_00244

IMG_00334IMG_00164 IMG_00324

I make reference to the 3-hour long Palme d’Or winner of 2013, which rocked my world in many ways. I wouldn’t say “most of all because of…”but rather “also because of” its 10-minute long raw sex scenes because it has way more more to offer. For example the fact that you not only can’t help sympathizing the Adèle, the main actress, but also you can’t help  identifying yourself with her and her passions.  I can only recommend it..

P.s. I really enjoy this film in both 35mm and 120mm formats!!! If you’re interested check out the Lomo shop


Camera Canon QL 17 | Film DM Paradise ISO 200 | Vienna, austria/Solta, Croatia

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