Merry Christmas and a Jelly New Year

Merry Christmas and a Jelly New Year 2015 to all good people I know and those who I’d like to know in the blogging space! Be as free and flexible as those jelly fish and patient and wise as the sea turtle!


I must say I haven’t shown my support to many of you, although I am convinced that you’re all doing a great job blogging but this is one of the things I’d like to improve as a blogger – namely to contact more people and express my support in what they have decided to dedicate their time and passion to.


I’d like also to thank once again to those, who have told me they like my photos and convinced me going on with analogue photography! It’s a great support and compliment! I believe every blogger has thought of giving up, whether because he or she is not sure in their photos or because of lack of time and dedication. I have doubted as well but at the end of the day the personal satisfaction is important and yes, I love shooting and blogging!


I wish you a very successful new year and hope to see you all around!!

Right on!

Camera Zenit 11| Film Lomography Redscale ISO 50-200 | Vienna, Haus des Meeres | Toma, Mishi

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