A WWII bunker offers the best view over Vienna

There are plenty of buildings and objects around Vienna which remind the peaceful citizens of one of the best cities for living in the world of that dark war years. Among the most impressive ones are the six bunkers from WWII spilled all over Vienna. Some of them are erected in the surroundings of beautiful spacious baroque gardens, such as Augarten, one of them throws shadow at a huge children playground and other, such as this one, has been turned into a museums.

Haus des Meeres has been hosted by this scary concrete bunker and strangely enough hides, besides thousands of animal and fish species, the most beautiful view over Vienna!

You can’t help the mixed feelings of enjoyment of Vienna’s beauty and the disturbing history of the place. Undoubtedly the first one takes over!!

IMG_0007IMG_0010 IMG_0009  IMG_0014 IMG_0021_1  IMG_0022IMG_0023_2

Camera Zenit 11| Film Lomography Redscale ISO 50-200 | Vienna, Haus des Meeres | Mishi, Toma, me

P.s. Sarah, I promise next time you come we’ll make it to the top!!

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