The longest journey starts with a single step

Lake district – you are a lovely red haired lady – it was a pleasure knowing you!!!

IMG_00033 IMG_00044

Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400 | Lake District, UK | Sarah, Toma, Nick



Developing Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400 using Tetanal Paranol S Developer

There is quite useful article in about different developing times of both Lomography Earl Grey ISO 100 or Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400 depending on the different developers.

Problem: our developer Tetanal Paranol S was not among the listed developers (as it is quite a new product).

Plan B: Read the instructions of the developer. There is list with the developing times of the different films.

Problem: There was no Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400.

Plan C: Use an app such as Massive Dev Chart Timer app.

Problem: there was no combination of Lomography Lady Grey and Tetanal Paranol S.

Solution: Either find a developer similar to yours (which is not an easy task)


Find which film the Lomography Lady Grey 400 is similar to. This discussion in Flickr, according to which the Lady Grey ISO 400 is similar to T-Max 400, saved our lives. Since T-Max 400 was present in the instructions of the developerour problem of finding the developing times was solved.

Here is how we made our first steps in the long and risky journey of the development process of Lomograpy Lady Grey 400:

First of all remember: Load the film in the developing tank in COMPLETE DARKNESS. We ruined one film thinking the red light was just fine :)

Solution 1+24 (one part developer plus 24 parts water)

Developing: 7 minutes at 20°C of the solution.

Constant agitation throughout the first minute, then 15 seconds every minute, after every agitation tap three times.

Stop bath: tap water for at least 3 minutes.

Fixing: Tetanal Fixer, solution 1+4, 90 seconds (it was written on the label of the fixer) with agitation.

Wetting agent: solution 1+400, agitate for a minute.

Wash under running water for 5 mins.

P.s. Thank you Sarah and Nick for the amazing hike!

Thank you Sarah and Toma for the unforgettable dark room experience!

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