Last notes on Rome

I know I shouldn’t live in the past and since it’s been already two months since I visited Rome, I guess I shouldn’t be posting about it now, in June. But there are some thoughts, which have been chasing me for some time now. I guess it’s because I have been busy with university and work etc. So maybe it’s natural to remember this magical travel to Rome, which I did in April.

When I was walking through the historical center I was wondering whether I could imagine myself living in Rome. One one hand there is endless romantic feeling connected to Italy, Rome, la dolce vita, il cibo, il vino etc, so I guess it is natural to let yourself go in dreaming your sunny life there. On the other hand you start thinking how much more this place offers than the place you live. You imagine yourself dressed in a nice stylish dress, with a light sun burn, smiling casually, holding a spritz, relaxing under the shadow of that typical tree you see everywhere in Rome (I guess it’s called stone pine). Even the crazy traffic and the shitty buses seem to you part of its charm.

Then you look deeper and you talk to people and start noticing some sort of tragedy going on. You see that very much time ago this place had hosted the most developed civilization in the world. You see the layers of contribution of different generations throughout the centuries. In this context I saw Rome as a precious antique covered with a level of dust somehow… and this dust is the Italian crisis.

So I compared this entire image of Rome with Vienna (where I have been living the last 3 years), which is a city belonging to the same class of antiquity of Rome…But instead of being covered with dust Vienna is a precious statuette, which has been carefully polished by the cleaning lady every day without exception.

…and still there is a part of me dreaming about living in Rome. Am I crazy?


P.s. Perhaps you think that these photos are the worst way to show the beauty of Rome I can understand you. It’s just I found everything so astonishing that I wanted to mess it up in senseless multiple exposures.

IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0017 IMG_0022

Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography X-Pro 120mm | Roma | Italy

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