There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way

My friend Evelyn (on the photos) introduced me to this powerful wisdom as well as to the power of this wisdom.

Evelyn and I spent our craziest 4 student years in our lives (perhaps I am not exaggerating) in the capital of South Tyrol – Bolzano, practically looking at these mountains. Now we both live in two different big cities away from the Alps, remembering our live in this sweet calm beautiful city and its surroundings, feeling sorry for not using the chance to go to the mountains more often.

Now we visit Bolzano only as guests. We go there with the plan of doing what we hadn’t been doing during these 4 years of living there (because we were too busy partying or studying) – go to the mountains…it’s a pity in a way but I guess it’s because we had the priority to socialize (let’s call it this way) than exploring the surroundings. Well, we collected another type of valuable memories – those of long nights and of knowing other people.

The last time we met in Bolzano was September 2014. The film of that hike I have forgotten in my Zenit and I had it developed only a week ago. While scanning and watching these photos, there was a sentence echoing in my head.. Indeed – “…happiness is the way…”.

Thank you for everything, Evelyn, see you soon!






IMG_0011 IMG_0017  IMG_0012  IMG_0028

Camera Zenit 11 | Film Lomography ISO 400 | South Tyrol, near San Genesio | Italy | Evelyn

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