October in numbers and figures

12 monute-delay on average

12 romantic moments

12 amazing friends

12 missed opportunities to get up before 8 o’clock.


6 evenings spent in tears

6 hours accumulated time running in the Viennese underground

6 liters of coffee consumed

6 light hangovers

6 swimming workouts (much less than the set goal)

6 paintings painted in our new flatmate and a grate artist Sam

Stadtwanderweg Nummer 6


13 breakfasts spent together with Sam

13 bottles of red wine drunk

13 deep philosophical conversations



Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography Color Negative ISO 100| Vienna | Austria | Mihai, Lyuba, Toma, Didi, Sam

P.s. I really don’t know what the hell happened so that the numbers of the poses got exposed together with the film. I really don’t wanna believe I did the beginner’s error of inserting the film from the wrong side!!!

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