Should I look East, should I look West


Should I look left, should I look right

Should I look around or should I look through

Should I look at all or should I just see


Should I stare or should I glimpse

Should I patiently observe or should I quickly spot

Should I look up to people or should I look down on them

Should I look for lost moments or should I look forward to the unknown ones

Should I look after myself or should I look out for approval


Should I ask or should I already know

Should I act or should I analyse

Should I stay still or should I run wild


Should I be happy or should I feel guilty

Should I apologize or should I look strong

Should I be ambitious or should I be satisfied

Should I be running river or should I be a sinking stoneIMG_0001

Should I judge or should I accept

Should I collaborate or should I protest

Should I love or should I fight


Should I stay or should I go

Should I look East or should I look West?

Camera Lubitel 2 | Film Lomography X-Pro 120mm | Steinhof, Vienna | Austria | Sam, me

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