Happy B-Day to my favourite Brit girl

Happy birthday Dear Sarah!

I wish you an year full of breathtaking images and wide range of colors: Shiny like the X-Pro, warm like the Lomo Color negative ISO 400, different and challenging ones as Lomo Turquoise, exciting like the Lomo Purple. As far as the black and white colors are concerned, I hope they will be rather few this year, because let’s face it – although they lack color and often they are melancholic and sad, there are always present in the portfolio, for the sake of variety!

I wish you also to enjoy countless slow and valuable experiences as the pinhole or your huge large-format camera (how is that wicked thing called again?) but also immediate happiness and surprises as the instant FUJI photos.

Also I hope there will be much more positive than negative films, rather overexposed than underexposed shots. I wish you double exposures, multiple exposures, films swaps (always count on me!), film sprockets . Always stick to the wide range rather than the half frame!

In case you worry about that the counter of the years is unstoppable and that you are getting old – just think what happiness all those films and cameras from the 80s deliver us! We all know that even though there is a date on the package of a film, it never expires!!!! The older the camera/ the film the more valuable their shots are (if something comes out at all but let’s not think about it :D).

Thank you for the inspiration and for your friendship – it all started analogue but it has been developing beyond the dimension of photography. I wish you also a good luck with your future projects – like the one you need when you develop or print a film in the dark room. At the beginning is scary, you feel hopeless and the whole procedure seems to lack any sense but the end result is stunning! All you need is trust in yourself and persistence. Well, it’s also a good idea to look at the instructions from time to time :D

Here is my little present from your last visit in Vienna!


P.S. And remember – Brexit won’t tear us apart :D

P.S.S. Thanks to Bernie for the assistance!!

Lomography LomoChrome Turquoise XR ISO 100-400 | Camera Zenit 11 | Vienna | Sarah, Bernhard


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