Roma, città aperta


Two weeks ago I went to Rome for a second time. I was, again, very determined to make double exposures but I didn’t take my beloved Lubitel, since I realised I ran out of 120mm films. The simplest solution was to grab the Sprocket Rocket .The tip for this camera is not to expect too much of it at limited light so in order not to waste film use it at full day light and so did I. And in general do not expect extremely high quality due to its plastic lens but hey, it is very flexible when it comes to multiple exposures and it has a pleasant slight curvature at the edges.

In order to capture the sprockets during scanning the film I used my Lomo Scanning Mask and to get the right settings I followed a Lomo tip dedicated to the Scanner Software Canon Navigator. Et voilá!

My double exposures from the first visit to Rome, of which I am particularly proud of you can find here and here (that time doing it the right way – with Lubitel and a middle-format film).

When it comes to the title of the post, I am referring to Roberto Rossellini’s movie from 1945.

P. S. This photo got a Flickr award in the group “You Think This is Art“!!!

Camera Sprocket Rocket| Film Lomography X-Pro 35mm | Pantheon, Rome

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