Postcards from Malta II

With these postcards from Malta I would like to mark a new milestone of the history of my blog. After more than four years of (occasional but persistent) blogging I finally bought my own domain!

Going through ups and downs, lack of muse and enjoying plenty of it, writing thesis, being unemployed or working full time, taking analogue photos and blogging continue to give me the liberty to be creative and to fill my own digital space with my analogue work, in which I have invested much energy and thoughts.

There have been periods, in which I didn’t have any mood for taking photos and I have given up in one way or another to continue the blog but then I realised that the hobby analogue photography is the only creative aspect in my life. The thought of giving up the only creative way to use my brain simply terrifies me. Because without it life is dull. That is why even if I am not the best photographer or the most regular blogger out there, I keep taking photos and I am brave or naive enough to share them with everyone who is even remotely interested in photography.

And I think I am not the only one.



I realise that this name is not the best one for a blog but it is MY name!


Malta’s best seen through a 35mm frame and materialised on a Turquoise analogue film.

Най-доброто от Малта видяно през 35-милиметрова рамка и отпечатано на тюркоазена аналогова лента.

Camera Pentax ME |Lomography LomoChrome Turquoise ISO 100-400| Valletta, Malta

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