Wedding in Paris I

I just received the shots from the wedding of our friends Jeremy and Megan, which took place almost a year ago in Paris. Perhaps many people have wondered if the vintage camera I was carrying was just an accessory or it can take real shots. Even the wedding photographer asked me about my Pentax camera and he added that he has several analogue cameras but shoots analogue only on special personal occasions. We both agreed that analogue photography is somehow special and often delivers unique results.

To the newly wedded couple I would like to wish much happiness, loads of love, eternal friendship and mutual understanding!

2328 - Lady Grey 400 005-2328 - Lady Grey 400 004-2328 - Lady Grey 400 002-2328 - Lady Grey 400 007-2328 - Lady Grey 400 008-2328 - Lady Grey 400 009-2328 - Lady Grey 400 011-

Film Lomography Lady Grey ISO 400 | Camera Pentax ME | Paris | France

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